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The crystal keeper

The crystal keeper offers a wide range of crystals & minerals from all over the world where we had pick our products & offer incredible prices 

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Crystal healing

My Background

Welcome to the crystal keeper everyone. This is a safe space for us all & I’d like to share my passion & love for crystals and the healing aspect of them with you all. I got into crystals around 6 plus years ago after losing my mum who I had cared for for several years and I was crippled with grief and fell into a deep depression that I got lost in & couldn’t see a way out until one day I seen a post on instagram about mercury retrograde and the effects it has on our emotions and it sparked something within me and I started to really look into ancient healing methods and crystals & I found my calling ,it was as simple as that. It was meant to be. So I started studying and doing courses & going to seminars i absolutely loved it. I was blossoming from the inside out ,so I decided to set up the crystal keeper shop so I could share  these incredibly magical stones with you all so hopefully they can give you some healing or to even spark something within you so you can find an interest of passion and make some amazing memories along the way as that’s what it’s all about bringing joy into our life’s 

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Your feedback is what makes me feel fulfilled & happy and really helps small businesses grow. I appreciate each & everyone of my customers and there satisfaction is the most important thing to me. 

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